Monday, July 23, 2012

Typhoon Vicente Update #8 [LANDFALL]

In a major and unprecedented development, Vicente has rapidly intensified into a really strong typhoon just offshore of China. Typhoon Vicente is now also about to make landfall just west of Macau; about 30km west of the city or about 80km west southwest of Hong Kong. Maximum sustained winds are now at 215kph with gusts of up to 260kph. Typhoon Vicente is currently moving northwestward at 20kph.

As of 3:30am this morning, HKO has issued Storm Signal No. 8 replacing the Hurricane Signal No. 10 issued earlier last night. The No. 10 Signal was the first to be issued in many years. Right now, residents are advised to remain inside and continue monitoring the news and HKO for the latest. Meanwhile in China, CMA has raised Orange Typhoon Alert for Vicente as it nears landfall near Macau. Please continue checking the local news and your country's weather bureau for the latest!

Radar Image from HKO

Latest Radar Image from Hong Kong shows the eye is now starting to move onshore, just west of Macau. Rain bands continue to affect Hong Kong with rates of 10 to 20mm per hour. Meanwhile, the eyewall which could bring as much as 30 to 50mm per hour is now lashing parts of Macau and areas to the west. For more radar images from Hong Kong, as well as the latest warnings and forecasts, please click HERE (HKO)

As for the winds, many areas in Hong Kong reported sustained winds of more than 150kph prompting HKO to issue the Hurricane Signal No. 10. Gust of up to 180kph were also recorded in many areas. Right now, winds have weakened somewhat in Hong Kong although they are still ranging in the Tropical Storm strength. Near the eye, Macau Airport continues to report sustained winds of around 70 to 80kph with gusts of up to 110kph. Areas very near to the eye could very well be seeing winds of more than 200kph; unfortunately we really have no way of know this.

Typhoon Vicente should now start to weaken as it moves farther inland. It will continue lashing Guangdong Province today so people living here should continue to stay indoors or evacuate if ordered. Always make sure to tune in to the news and the CMA for the latest warnings and forecasts. We'll have more updates later this morning, stay safe everyone!
Issued (20 UTC) 4am PhT 072412

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