Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tropical Depression 01W Update #2

Tropical Depression 01W remains weak and disorganized as it moves westward across the South China Sea. TD 01W was last located approximately 650km east of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It has maximum sustained winds of 45kph and gusts of up to 65kph. TD 01W is moving westward at about 15kph.

IR Image from NRLMRY

The low-level circulation center is still partially exposed although the latest images show clouds forming around that center. The convection, however, has weakened and is almost non-existent now; we'll have to see though how it'll bounce back overnight with the diurnal cycle.

As for the forecast, TD 01W will continue moving westward and will continue bringing light rains across Central Vietnam. Computer models continue to show the system remaining a weak depression and should dissipate by as early as Sunday.

We'll have another update by tomorrow including the 3-day Forecast for the Philippines.
Issued (0830 UTC) 430pm PhT 021812

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