Saturday, June 25, 2011

Haima Update (FINAL)|TS Meari Update #7

Haima is now dissipating as it moves over Laos and Thailand. It has made landfall yesterday in Northeastern Vietnam and passed south of Hanoi. Rainfall reports in the region range from 50 to 150mm. We expect Haima to dissipate completely tomorrow.

JTWC and JMA have already released their final warnings for this system. Likewise, this will be our final update for Haima.

TS Meari, on the other hand, has finally moved out of the Philippine Area of Responsibility. It has weakened slightly as it begins to encounter moderate wind shear and cooler waters. Maximum sustained winds are now at 100kph, after peaking at 110kph early this morning. Naha airport in Okinawa is reporting southerly winds of up to 60kph. Area in East Asia continue to report light to moderate rain as well.

Here is our compiled wind and 24-hr rainfall data based from METAR and also WMO.
Rain has let up somewhat in the Philippines today. The SW Monsoon, being enhanced by TS Meari, continue to affect Luzon and Visayas although not as bad as yesterday. Nevertheless, areas there continue to report light to moderate rain. Some parts have received as much as 200-300mm of rain in the past 24 hours.

Here is the map conditions based from METAR, WMO, and PAGASA valid at 2pm PhT.
The forecast has not changed. Computer models, as well as weather agencies continue to be in good agreement. We expect a continuous northward movement. TS Meari could start extra tropical transition today or tomorrow. It will definitely start to weaken too as the wind shear increases in the Yellow Sea, combined with cooler sea temperatures. Landfall is forecast somewhere near the China/North Korea border on Monday morning (Philippine Time). Expect the landfall area forecast to change since there are still 2 days away.

Once it moves over land, TS Meari is expected to begin rapid weakening and could exit into Sea of Japan as an extra tropical cyclone next week.

Doppler Radar links from different agencies:
China (Shanghai)
Issued (08 UTC) 4pm PhT 062511

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