Friday, October 22, 2010

TD 16W and TD 17W Update

TD 16W continues to be a weak system as it moves away from the Marianas Islands. Maximum sustained winds remain at 45kph. TD 16W is moving westward at 20kph. As vertical wind shear relaxes in that region, TD 16W is expected to slowly gain strength, becoming a tropical storm within the next two days. Computer models are currently forecast TD 16W to eventually move northward towards Okinawa (although that is still too far out).

TD 17W, on the other hand, not looking really healthy at the moment. JMA gave the final warning for this system although the JTWC are still giving updates for TD 17W. It has 55kph maximum sustained and is moving west northwestward at 10kph. We will continue monitoring the system in case it strengthens.
Sat image from NRLMRY

For updates about Typhoon Megi, please refer to our other post.
Issued (07 UTC) 3pm PhT 102210

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