Thursday, September 23, 2010

Typhoon Malakas Update #11

Typhoon Malakas is quickly strengthening as it brushes the island of Iwo To. Latest reports from the island indicate maximum wind gusts that are as high as 185kph. As per the latest advisory, Typhoon Malakas is packing sustained winds of up to 155kph with wind gusts of up to 195kph, making it a category 2 storm. It is moving to the north at 30kph.

Very bad weather conditions will continue to affect the Iwo To area for the next 6-12 hours. Typhoon Malakas is still intensifying and is forecast to become a category 3 typhoon later tonight; as of right now, it only needs 25kph more in order to be classified as such. Malakas will peak to about 190kph before weakening as it becomes extra tropical. By Sunday, Malakas should complete the transition and will become an intense extra tropical low.

Issued (06 UTC) 2pm PST 092410

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