Monday, September 20, 2010

TS 13W Update #2

Tropical Depression 13W has just been upgraded into tropical storm status. TS 13W currently has winds of 65kph. It is moving to the northwest at 10kph. Slow intensification is expected before turning to the north. After 24-36hours, TS 13W will encounter relatively better environment and will be able to strengthen rather quickly, perhaps to typhoon status. As of now, TS 13W is not expected to affect any land mass, except for the islands of Iwo To and Chiji Jima.

For updates about Tropical Depression Fanapi (FINAL), please refer to our other post.
Issued (22z) 6am PST 09


  1. you have a fantastic weather blog going... authoritative and well-researched. keep it up!

    will spread a good word or two around the net.

    fair winds!

  2. Thank you for your comment. I higly appreciate it.

    Fair winds and following seas to you too!