Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tropical Storm Malakas Update #4

Tropical Storm Malakas has strengthened over the past 12 hours. It now has maximum sustained winds of 75kph. Malakas was last located 450km north northwest of Saipan; it is moving to the northwest at 10kph.

(No significant changes with the forecast.)

Conditions near TS Malakas are now becoming more favorable which will allow it to continuous strengthen. It is forecast to become a typhoon in 24-36 hours. Malakas will also begin turning to the north around that time frame. The storm is forecast to pass east of Iwo To early Thursday.

Malakas will not enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Its Filipino name of "Malakas" was assigned by the World Meteorological Organization (not by PAGASA). As a member, the Philippines (PAGASA) contributed several Filipino words to use with the naming of storms (what we usually call the "international name") in the Pacific.
Issued (14 UTC) 10pm PST 092110

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