Monday, November 23, 2009

TD Urduja; TS "NIDA"

Tropical Depression Urduja

Last Position: Approx. 170km East of Surigao

Strength: 55kph sustained; 75kph maximum gust

Movement: NNW @ 7kph

Forecast: Will continue to move north. Interaction with NIDA (pre-"Vinta") is possible; high chance of dissipating in the next day or so. Moderate to heavy rain, and strong wind gusts will continue to affect Visayas, Mindanao, and Bicol region.

Tropical Storm "NIDA" (Int'l Name)

Last Position: 530km South of Guam

Strength: 85kph sustained; 120kph maximum gust

Movement: WSW 7kph

Forecast: Will continue to move westward and then take a turn to the north by Tuesday Evening-early Wednesday. Further intensification is likely. Effect on RP is still uncertain although it could enter PAR and be named Vinta. If close enough, Vinta could influence Urduja--Fujiwhara Effect.

1124 400pm PST

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